Cig Neutron’s Spewtron

ep. 110 1-17-2021 Irreverend‘s First/Last Daemonic transexadelic INITIATION transmission MindSpace Opera of Yestermorrow #irreverentism

January 17, 2021

"Join the irreverend for this meta L.A.R.P. Life action role play. Here is the irreverend's first transmisson. The mission is simple but not easy. Transmute the discord with harmony to lift the veil of confusion. Dark and light are you ally's, you are the dark, you are the light. You are the last hope to save us from the Nothing. You are Atune Ra" -The Irreverend #irreverentism 

Happy Psychonauting folks. Remember Don't panic, Always bring a towel, always buy a vowel and most importantly: Know thyself.


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